New Mill Turning Machine

Expansion of the milling machine park

We have expanded our milling machine park. In Hall 1, next to our Heller HF 3500 milling center, the new Heller HF 5500 APC milling-turning center has now moved in. With its precision, this machine further strengthens production at Binder.

The special feature of the machine is the combination of milling and turning. The 5-axis machining and the set rotary axes enable fast and precise machining of your workpieces. Our HF5500 offers a maximum spindle speed of 12,000 rpm and a generous working range of 900/950/930 mm in the X, Y and Z axes. With these features, the machine is perfect for the production of complex workpieces and prototypes.

With its precise and reliable operation, user-friendly operator interface, short non-productive times and high accessibility, the milling-turning center is the perfect solution for us to maintain productivity and efficiency and continue to produce the highest quality components.