We draw on almost 100 years of experience

Growing up with metal, evolving and excelling

We are a modern family business from the heart of Bavaria.
Since the 1920s, we have been guided by innovation, experience and courage to find the most efficient solution for our customers.

We enable our customers to make long-lasting, intelligent use of their metal parts and components. We guarantee this through state-of-the-art production technologies from the areas of forming, machining, laser processing and welding.

Binder Technologie demonstrably offers the highest quality of processes and end products. This includes a high standard of our own performance – from technology, engineering services and project management to sales. Our customers benefit from this maximum level of safety, highest quality standards and smooth processes.

We have a corporate management that has set the course for growth and steers accordingly and creates the framework conditions.

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Binder Group of Companies

With its various European locations, the Binder Group of Companies offers a very good strategic position. With a close supplier network and short transport routes, we secure the supply chain.
We are active in the automotive and mechanical engineering, aerospace, architecture and energy technology sectors.


Münchener Straße 45, 85123 Karlskron – Brautlach

Metallwarenfabrik Reichertshofen Karl Binder GmbH

Whether series components for the automotive industry or for mechanical engineering, we implement your metal requirements precisely and efficiently.


Münchener Straße 45, 85123 Karlskron – Brautlach

Binder Parametric Metal GmbH

3D metal facades for exterior and interior use. Countless combination possibilities in shape and color for your design.


Schweiz Industriestrasse 12, CH-9473 Gams

Binder Technologie AG

In the turbine technology sector for the energy sector, we manufacture resilient metal components in Switzerland using the latest technology and the know-how of our employees.


Priemyselná SK-92601 Sered

Binder Slovakia s.r.o

The newly equipped and fully automated production lines are mainly active for the automotive industry.

National Agency
Binder Technologie GmbH


2 sente des perruches, 78510 Triel sur Seine, Frankreich

APPR Consulting

Sales agents with excellent knowledge of the industry and its requirements. With them, we can build new customer contacts and develop sales opportunities in french speaking Western Europe.


Confirmed quality through certifications

Certificates take us further: They broaden our actively usable portfolio and promote our competence and stability in terms of content.

As a partner to the aerospace industry, we have high expectations of our own performance and quality, which are demonstrably documented by relevant certificates.


Responsibility Environment & Energy

Sustainability is a keyword rarely associated with the metal industry.

We consciously contribute to environmental protection: On the one hand, by conserving resources – with environmentally conscious production technologies and design ideas, as well as smooth, precise processes. On the other hand, through the efficient utilization of materials. This benefits our customers monetarily and reduces production costs.

Responsibility for whistleblowers and society

We take the protection of whistleblowers very seriously and adhere strictly to the Whistleblower Protection Act. If you have information about possible violations of laws, rules or ethical standards in our company, we encourage you to share it with us confidentially.

Our dedicated email address for whistleblowers is hinweisgeber@bindertechnologie.de.

If you send us a confidential message, you can be assured that your identity will remain protected and your information will be treated confidentially.

We thank you for your trust and commitment to compliance and ethical standards in our company.

Importance of whistleblowers for corporate integrity

Whistleblowers – individuals who uncover and report wrongdoing in companies – play a crucial role in maintaining integrity and ethics in organizations. They often bravely stand up to potential sanctions and risks to bring ethical misconduct or unlawful practices to light. But why are whistleblowers so important for business integrity?

1. Uncovering misconduct Whistleblowers are often the first to become aware of violations of laws, rules or ethical standards within a company. Through their reports, critical problems can be identified and remedied at an early stage before they lead to major scandals or legal consequences.

2. Promoting an open and ethical corporate culture Whistleblowers help to promote a culture of openness and ethics within organizations. By demonstrating that it is safe to report wrongdoing, they encourage other employees to speak up for compliance with rules and standards.

3. Protecting employees, customers and society The courage of whistleblowers not only protects employees and customers from potential harm, but also society as a whole. By pointing out misconduct, they help to maintain and strengthen trust in companies and institutions.

Overall, whistleblowers are indispensable players in the pursuit of corporate integrity and ethical behavior. Companies should view whistleblowers as valuable partners who help to create a transparent, responsible and ethical corporate culture.

If you have information about possible violations or abuses in our company, we encourage you to contact us. We appreciate your commitment to the integrity of our company and are available to you as a trustworthy contact partner.


We believe in people

We owe our perfection in service and production to highly qualified and passionate employees who can develop at all levels in the company.